Saturday, June 13, 2015

Compassss Legend Curve Warning Ketupat

Next reviews!!
Sorry for delay post because too much realities going on.....

Title: Aku & Legenda
Author: Fairuz Nizam
Rating: 4.00

Review: This story centered on this ordinary your typical teenage boy who was fated to become savior of other dimension, Alam Legenda.
I love its concept and storyline, so different than any other Malay books. No love involved, only adventure and events occurred. So satisfying!

Title: The Golden Compass
Author: Philip Pullman
Rating: 5

Review: This book is fucking amazing!! Yep, it's been in the movie but no continuation. Aww so sad :(.... Haven't read the other series yet but will....

Title: The Learning Curve
Author: Melissa Nathan

Review: I picked it up from library and read and LOVED it!! Sadly, the author passed away :'(

Title: The Ambler Warning
Author: Robert Ludlum
Rating: 4.3

Review: All I can say is that I'v enjoyed this book. I couldn't see who's been behind this all conspiracy but at the edge of the pages, it was quite predictable. But I disliked its ending.

Title: Ketupat Cinta [Musim Pertama]
Author: Faisal Tehrani
Rating: 5

Review: I absolutely love/adore/cupid over this book. Seriously, Faisal Tehrani never failed to make me entertain with his books. So far, this book is my favorite from all his books. His style of writing outrageous, beautiful, splendorous, and EVERYTHING!!!! For somebody who's bored over Malay typical novel, I'd really hope you pick up this book!


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Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Ok, today I'm gonna post about my book review....

Title: Igauan Semalam
Author: Zaifuzaman Ahmad
Rating: 4.00

Review: Ok basically it's obvious Malay book. This is scary horror type of book. I'm reading this book since last Feb and I've enjoyed it though the storyline was a bit ridiculous because it wasn't really the ghost-thingy. Instead it turned out the character was having delusional of capturing images or glimpse of the ghost who was haunting her because she was too engrossed in her writing the ghost horror novel. And yes, she was mentally ill.

Title: Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx
Author: Max McCoy
Rating: 4.00

Review: This book was fast-reading. Ever since I was kid, I was big fan of Indiana Jones. I love the trilogy movies!!! I'd remembered I was the one who's the most excited and anticipated, and couldn't stop gushing over Harrison Ford. Truly, I was glad that Harrison Ford took this role, very suit him!!
Well back to the book, this book was enjoyable to read and so much happening. The characters were hilarious.

Title: Perjanjian Berdarah
Author: Remy Ikmal
Rating: 3.44

Review: Another horror scary book I've read on Feb. This was very typical voodoo tale. The old male witch desired and hungry for more power until his only bloodline nephew's wife was sacrificed!
It was quite good but story line was predictable and I know how it will end.

Title: The Janus Affair
Author Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris
Rating: 2.05

Review: I was intrigued by the cover that's why I picked this book up at library. This book was actually the second book of A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. It was okay but slow in action, too many unimportant things mentioned in this book. But somehow I loved the both main characters , Vicorian era + Steampunk and I'm looking forward to read the first one and the third from ebook or perhaps borrowing them from library.

So that's all....  Until then....

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Bigurrr Goldddd

Unfortunately I can't buy Where Rainbow Ends by Cecilia Ahern because I wasn't able to transfer my money to the seller.

And I turned my direction to The Darkest Material by Philip Pullman but still in processing of agreeing where to meet. It was incredibly cheap. 3 books for $8!!!

Where to get that kind of price?!!!!

But it's all depend on the seller because she live at Punggol which is far away from my home :(

Now I'm waiting for the answer.... Hope she agrees and able to cooperate


Still waiting for the well of ascension!!!

Hope it's reaching for me sooner!!!!

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Taauk Laffuunnn

Hahahaha still stuck on 143 page of flicker&burn because so much happening!!

Sara Jane (the female, our main protagonist) has an extended family where she never knew in her whole life. Neither her father and her grandfather ever speak of them....

Turned out that this 'family' her own great-uncle, her grandfather's brother....

But are they real???? And who knows maybe they're after her also?

Well, no matter what I will try to finish it as soon as possible.


Due to this, I've made another TBR jar choose, and I got to read Indiana Jones and Sky Pirates...

Used to be fan but not anymore still I'll read it because I bought it, yep!!!

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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Redddyy Qwinniee

Yeaayy I've received Red Queen from Carousell!!

Thanks jazzy.johnny.9 for providing this book at your online store I was surprised that the book is superb good quality

 Seriously, it's considered purely cheap at $14

Well, if you buy at Popular bookstore or Times bookstore it will cost about $15 plus and even to $18.90....!!

 I love the cover, it's paperback though I would like to get hardback but paperback also great!

 It's glossy and shiny!! And I can't wait to get my hands on it.

 Speaking of it, the seller was very nice!! And most importantly, she's honest!!

 In future onward, I will DEFINITELY buy more books from her!!! So I will save a lot of money though Carousell is not fixed online store. It's that if you're lucky it's still available... _______________________________________________________________________

 Now I'm waiting for The Well of Ascension, 2nd book of Mistborn...

 Yayy!! Finally Mistborn Trilogy is going to complete!!!

 Even though the publisher's different than the first and third book.

 The seller will post/mail it on Monday or Tuesday, so I will be getting it around 2-3 days because she and me live in Singapore so it won't take long isn't it? ____________________________________________________________________

 Apart that, I'd also make a request to buy Where Rainbow Ends by Cecilia Ahern.

 Umm.... Actually, I wanted to buy How to Fall in Love but I was accidentally thought it was Where rainbow ends...

Why'd I wanted so much to buy 'How to Fall in Love' because there are few quotes that intrigue me and my emotion started to mix up.

So, because I've made a mistake and I don't want the seller to feel embarrassed, I'll just gulp it down and maybe try to read this novel.

This novel already made to film or movie called 'Love, Rosie'

I've watched the movie but not interested and I heard a numerous comments and reviews about this book.

It's different than the movie.. Yeppp

Some like it because the book was emotional and sweet, some hate it because the love progress is so slow that they realized each other soulmate's at the middle of age. Urghhh

No worries, it's just $8 and free post/mail....  So i hope I'll enjoy this book :)

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Guruuuuuppp Tokeenn

Hepi sbb dpt beli buku murah from carousell.

Buku yg pastinya dah diguna pakai oleh org tp maseh bgos lg, mcm library cuma kte skrg bole memilikinya

Klo nk guna post mahal siket la tp klo da terdesak, mmg kene beli

So far aq bru je nk beli buku 'Well of Ascension' by Brandon Sanderson, buku ke-2 bg Mistborn

Blom dpt sbb aq blom transfer duit hehehehe

Sabar je laa... Naseb local punyee mmg aq da register tp tkde mastercard
agak2 bile aq da keje bru ade kot

tu pon klo keje full-time inshaAllah Amiiin....

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

trruaap fiinnn

Bad news, guys...


I wanna cry

But life must go on n make it far better!!

Havent told my mom

of course both my parents would be disappointed n mad

But I wont give up no matter what

Pupaya no akADE
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